Want Some Thermomix Storage Ideas? Sinchies

Want some Thermomix food storage ideas?

If you have a Thermomix, or any decent blender / food processor for that matter, you can make all kinds of tasty recipes and store them in your Sinchies pouches. The number of potential Thermomix storage ideas is endless, but we’ve listed some Sinchies favourites below. These Thermomix storage ideas are separated according to seasons. Because, frankly, who wants to eat an icy pole when it’s snowing outside? And who wants to drink a hot cup of soup when it’s 35 degrees and dripping humidity? One of the many benefits of Sinchies is that you can store and freeze food made in a Thermomix for months. So you could potentially even make a soup during summer and freeze it till autumn.

Thermomix storage ideas for summer and spring

Our Australian summers are iconic. And if you live in Queensland, you pretty much get 9 months of summer nowadays. So having ways to beat the heat is essential. Want Some Thermomix Storage Ideas? Sinchies Kiwi Jelly Pops If the heat and humidity are starting to get to you, why not whip up a few liquid-based delights in your Thermomix or food processor and freeze them in your Sinchies containers? You can then give your kids (and yourself!) a cold and healthy treat on a hot summer’s day. Summer Thermomix storage ideas include: See our full list of ice block and icy pole recipes and our smoothies and yoghurt recipes.

Thermomix food storage ideas for winter and autumn

Winter in Australia can feel very cold to us Aussies, even if people from colder parts of the world might mock our ‘pretend’ winters. To be fair, though, there has been an increase of snow falling during winter in the last few years, even as north as the QLD border. So we do get cold days! Want Some Thermomix Storage Ideas? Sinchies Carrot Chicken and Pear Puree If it’s cold outside, raining, snowing, hailing or the like, and you feel like something to warm your hands and your soul, why not make some soups or hearty meals using your Thermomix? You can eat them straight away or store them in your Sinchies and freeze them for a cold winter day when you feel like something hot but don’t have time to cook. Winter Thermomix storage ideas include: See our full list of recipes for more Thermomix storage ideas.

Get mixing with Thermomix food storage ideas

All right, so now it’s time to get mixing using some of these great recipes. Or, you can create your own with whatever you have in the fridge and pantry. With Sinchies, Thermomix storage ideas are a sinch!

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