150ml top spout sinchies reusable pouches

The value of our new monochrome top spout pouches is black and white!

You asked for a top spout and now after 10 months of design work to ensure we had the best ziplock possible it has arrived! Our new 150ml monochrome top spout pouches and they are evaporating fast! Featuring an elegant and sophisticated new black and white, with more stylish designs and patterns to come, we have still prioritised safety by keeping pouches clear. While full coloured pouches can be good on one hand, they come with a higher risk of contamination if you can’t see that you have missed spots while cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, we’ve mad that easier too eliminating the bottom gusset to make scrubbing far quicker – and who doesn’t want that? What about mess and leaks? Like the rest of our pouches, the 150ml monochrome top spout pouch also features two triple lock zip-locks to ensure they don’t pop open when properly closed. You can find the 150ml monochrome top spout pouch at the Sinchies shop. While you are there why not also take advantage of AFTERPAY and ZIPPAY to stock up on the rest of our reusable wrap bags, reusable pouches and accessories range. Stay tuned for more Sinchies designs and innovations that will make eating and snacking on the run easier, cheaper, healthier and greener.

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