The Sinchies 80ml reusable pouch gets a makeover!


The new Sinchies 80ml pouch

You spoke and we listened, the 80ml pouch is now back and better than ever. Still the same great size for lunchboxes, the pouches are now wider making cleaning and filling them quick and easy.

What Sam (our owner) had to say

“Our 80ml pouch has always been a popular size for lunchboxes, but some of our Sinchies fans had mentioned that they were tricky to clean and fill because of their narrow opening. While using the Sinchies funnel or 1L pouch as a filling tool made them a ‘sinch’ to use, not everyone knows about our full Sinchies system so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our fans to use them as a stand alone product. As a result we’ve now widened them to 90mm.”

What's new about the 80ml pouch?

The new 80ml pouch also now features a double ziplock top, bringing them in line with all other Sinchies reusable pouches. Why not stock up on the new 80ml pouches now?

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