How To Feed An Elderly Person With A Reusable Food Pouch

Sinchies Saves a Life - Life saving devices a reusable food pouch

After suffering a stroke, Joan White already diagnosed with dementia was unable to open her mouth wide enough to be fed with a spoon, after going nearly two weeks without food, her daughter Sandra White was desperate. “For two weeks mum hardly ate, fortunately though she was able to open her mouth enough to drink. It was almost time to send her to hospital to go on a drip.” Ms White said. She continues. “I was walking through the supermarket desperate to come up with an idea and I saw the squeeze food pouches for babies that came in different types of meals and I thought I bet mum could manage opening her mouth enough so we could squeeze the food in. I searched the Internet to see if anyone had come up with the idea of an empty pouch where you could use your own food and sure enough Sinchies was there.

How Sinchies helped an elderly lady eat

I ordered some pouches express post and started a couple of days later. I took the week off and tried to be there for 3 meals a day at the nursing home showing the staff how they work. The first morning, she had all porridge and scrambled egg through the pouches, it was amazing. She was so hungry and finally able to eat. We have used them since for just about everything including mashing a banana, which she loves.” Ms White said. Over the last few weeks, Joan has gone from strength to strength, putting on enough weight for her food intake to not be monitored as closely. “The nursing home told us that they were really happy with the weight she was putting on and the fact she was eating most meals, including dessert of course. The staff loved using the pouches too as it is very upsetting telling families they are unable to feed their loved ones.” Ms White said.

How the Sinchies' founder reacted

Sam Spunner, Founder of Sinchies Reusable Pouches was humbled by Ms White’s story. “It gave me goosebumps. I was so overwhelmed with happiness to hear that my pouches have helped Sandra, Joan and their family so much.” While originally designed for babies, kids and adults to eat healthy on the run, Sinchies reusable pouches have fast become a saving grace for those suffering from a wide range of allergies, disabilities and illnesses. “We’ve tried to cater for as many people as possible in the design of our reusable pouches. They fit onto the Nutricare Infinity Feeding pumps to help children and adults who are tube fed have greater mobility when eating. We’ve also designed our packaging clear, not only for easy cleaning, but also because children who have autism often want to see what they are eating.”

Who Sinchies have helped

Sam continues, “Sinchies have helped children who are having trouble with allergies, textures or food in general, and they have also have also been proven to help stroke sufferers, head and neck cancer patients, people with a cleft palate, cerebral palsy, or a disability that prevents them from opening their mouth wide enough to get a spoon in.” Sinchies are improving the quality of life for so many families by making it easy to eat healthy on the run. “We’re determined to make eating healthier easier for everyone. With pouches containing homemade food families can get the nutrition they need without the nasty additives and sugars in prepackaged products.” For Ms White there is no doubt in her mind that Sinchies is doing this, “Sinchies has literally saved mum’s life and we are so grateful.

Where to buy Sinchies

Sinchies reusable pouches, sandwich and snack bags come in a range of sizes and styles and are available at many retail outlets nationally or through our online store.

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