Sinchies Reusable Food Pouch Reviews by Know How 

Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches Know How Review

What can Sinchies reusable food pouches be used for?

Sinchies are reusable food pouches are clear in colour and available in a range of sizes and complimentary accessories. Sinchies are your compact food storage solution for your baby, children and even adults. They make homemade baby food easy. However, they are not just a baby food pouch; they can also be used as reusable snack bags for lunches, Icy Poles, for making yoghurt, for storage of fresh baby food, general food storage and reusable sandwich bags to just name a few. However, the versatility of Sinchies is really up to your level of imagination.

Watch our review video of Sinchies

Watch our full video above to take a closer look at a Sinchies refillable food pouch, which are clear in colour. This is so you can see the contents and for cleaning purposes so you know there is no food stuck away in any corners. At the top of the pouch is a double zip lock, which allows for easy filling and washing. The free-flowing spout allows smaller chunks to pass through. Each pouch has a maximum fill line so you don’t overfill your pouch. There’s a handy contents label so you can record whats inside each reusable snack bag OR if you’re wanting to use them as storage containers you can use this label to record the date of storage. For greater convenience and ease of filling them, the bottom of each pouch is gusseted so they stand up independently. The Sinchies pouches are also BPA free.

Why Sinchies is a healthier option

Sinchies can be a healthier option because you know the ingredients inside, making them a great choice if your family has children or adults with allergies, intolerances and even special needs.

What sizes are Sinchies available in?

Sinchies offer you a range of sizes in 80ml, 140ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1 litre which is great to use to fill your smaller pouches. The Sinchies range also includes sandwich, snack & wrap storage pouches & Sinchies Pops - Icy Pole pouches for homemade frozen treats. Sinchies also have a range of accessories for you to choose from: a collapsible funnel for easier filling, all the way to the drying rack to help you dry your pouches with ease. If you would like to see some drying & washing “how to's” watch our previous review of the Sinchies pouches. Sinchies Reusable Food Pouch Reviews by Know How sinchies-starter-kit   For convenience, you can purchase the Sip’ lids or independent feeding for your little ones, And if your stuck for ideas Sinchies also offer homemade baby food & lunchbox recipes to get you started. Sinchies make it very affordable and easy for your to purchase by offering a range of packs. Your can purchase either a Starter Kit, New Baby Kit, Or the full Sinchies system from the online store.

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