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Sinchies Makes the News! Sunshine Coast Daily article

Sinchies in the Sunshie Coast Daily

April 30 2013

So excited that the Sinchies story has hit The Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper today! My story is on page 21 - Business section.

Where can I read the article?

I've listed the article below. You can also read the story on the Sunshine Coast Daily's website.

Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches In The News

KIDS and food. They are two of the toughest markets to break into. They are in such a thriving, entrepreneurial space that it is almost impossible to come up with a truly unique innovation. Samantha Spunner, of Currimundi, wasn't deterred. She simply saw a gap in the market and went about filling it. "Working as a family day care educator I noticed how much the children I cared for enjoyed pouches of yoghurt and purees. "I thought it was such a waste to throw the pouches away after the contents had been eaten. I also had a little one with some food intolerances and she couldn't enjoy the fun of these pouches like her friends. "So I put my thinking cap on and designed Sinchies. My aim is to help families feed their children healthier preservative-free food, to save money on their shopping bills, reduce waste and provide convenience when out and about." Sinchies are resuable food pouches. Made from clear, BPA, Phthalate and PVC-free material, they are designed with a zip-lock at the top for filling and a side spout so kids can suck or pour the contents out. They can store all manner of liquids, soft foods, sauces, salad dressings and even toiletries. "There certainly have been a few hiccups along the way and lessons learnt with designing Sinchies," she said of the process of taking the idea to market. "It took me about a year and-a- half to design and develop Sinchies, researching in every spare minute I had. "When my idea didn't work the first time I got a bit disheartened but was reminded that Edison didn't get the light bulb right the first time either. So with persistence, determination and with my heart and soul into this, Sinchies were born."

Worldwide interest

Since launching last July, Sam has received an incredible response from people all over the world - from Dubai to Hong Kong to Canada. "I've sold out of stock twice now, which has just been fantastic and my number of followers on Facebook continues to grow. "I've been relying on word of mouth and good old Facebook to get the word out there. We've recently joined Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest too. "I'm incredibly lucky to have an amazing support group, awesome stockists and a great bunch of followers who have been spreading the word." Sinchies start at 99c for an 80 ml pouch. There are stockists in Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore, mostly online stores. Sam plans to release the first chapter of a cookbook in June as well as more accessories later in the year.

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