How to save money on your grocery bill?

Save over $700 by using reusable pouches

Yes you read right - you can save over $700 a year on your grocery bill by using reusable pouches based on 1 child using pre-filled yoghurt squeezy's.

I used to run my own family daycare prior to Sinchies. Children would come in everyday with a pouch of yoghurt and parents used to complain about how dear the Yoghurt pouches were. I didn’t have children at the time and only when I looked into it did I realise just how expensive these squeezy pouches were and kids would suck them down in 10 seconds flat.

Did you know by using Sinchies you could save a whopping $718.96 a year!! 7 days of buying yoghurt squeezies at an average of $2.24 per 140g pouch – that’s $15.68 a week for roughly 980ml of yoghurt. If you buy a big 1kg tub of yoghurt (Yoplait Vanilla Yoghurt ) for $4.00 - you can fill up 7 x 140ml Sinchies for just $0.57 each saving $11.68 a week.

Even better still if you made your own yoghurt, 1L costs about $1.20 – I fill up 7 x 140ml Sinchies and it costs me just $0.17 per pouch saving $14.48 a week.

This is obviously a no brainer - in a year you can save as much as $752.96 on yoghurt alone. But, If you subtract the cost of 20 x 140ml pouches from that - $34.00 (as we believe you’ll only need 20 for the year per one child) – you’re still saving a whopping $718.96 a year!

Now that is a holiday for my family and I know I’d far rather fill up Sinchies and have a holiday than buy pre-filled pouches. The solution is to start using Sinchies today – they’re super easy to use and start saving for that holiday! Get them here.

Grab your reusable pouches and start saving money!

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