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Sinchies - Reusable Food Pouches Reviews - by Thermolicious

I’ve been using Sinchies for a while now and I think they are brilliant! And here’s why… I was a little worried at the start that this was a new ‘fad’ and they would be hard to clean or the novelty would wear off and I’d stop using them, but this is NOT the case! To clean them I use a bottle brush and then either let them air dry, or I put them in the dishwasher to give them an extra good wash. It isn’t hard to clean them at all so that was a big tick for me. Sinchies also sell their very own cleaning brush now however I don’t have one of these yet. I use my Sinchies constantly, in fact I’d love more as I never seam to have enough. I have a fussy 3 year old, who loves pureed fruit, and she loves Sinchies because they are easy for her to eat. They are easy to pack in her lunch box for day care, or to take out if we are going to the shops etc. She mostly has fruit, yoghurt and sorbet in hers. I also have a 6 month old baby so needless to say, Sinchies are brilliant for his food. I put all his fruit and veggies in them, and freeze them for later use. Over all I am really happy with this product and I would recommend them to everyone. I’ll never pay up to $2 for a store bought, throw out tube of food again! Mum of 2 from Brisbane.

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