How to feed a child with a G-tube: reusable tube-feeding bags

It can be a heartbreaking scenario. Your baby has feeding issues and needs a nasogastric tube (NG tube). And, as commonly happens, that baby then grows into a small child who needs to be fed directly into their stomach via a gastronomy tube (G-tube). Working out how to feed a child with a G-tube isn’t easy either. But Sinchies reusable food pouches can make life that little bit easier. Our products are perfect for use as reusable tube feeding bags, which can give you and your child some extra freedom.

Are you using bottles to feed your child through a G-tube?

A lot of feed products for use with G-tubes come in bottles. These 1L and 2L bottles are a great idea, but they can be a little cumbersome and heavy. As you know, in order for your child to get all the feed from these bottles into their stomach, they need to sit still. And not just for a brief period of time — often 1 or 2 hours at a time. It might sound simple enough, but as we all know, getting a small child to sit still for any length of time can be challenging. If you are using bottles to feed your child through a G-tube, consider how Sinchies can help.

How Sinchies reusable food pouches can help G-tube feeding

How To Feed A Child With A G-Tube: Reusable Tube-Feeding Bags With Sinchies reusable food pouches, you can feed your child through a G-tube while they’re on the go. Our reusable food pouches come in many sizes, including 500ml which are perfect for transferring the contents from 1L and 2L tube-feeding bottles. The other benefit of using Sinchies as a tube-feeding bag is that our products are practically weightless. This can reduce the burden on you and your child, and also the need for them to sit still for hours while they’re fed. One solution to make feeding time more exciting is to use Sinchies pouches and a small backpack. Simply empty the feed bottle into Sinchies bags and pop it in a small, kids’-size backpack. That way, your child can roam around a bit more while also being fed — giving them more freedom and taking their mind off the process.

Are Sinchies reusable food pouches non-toxic and BPA free?

Yes! Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products that are completely safe for kids to use over and over again. All our products are non-toxic and BPA free. And of course, they’re reusable. So after your child has used a Sinchies pouch for a G-tube feed, you can simply wash them and reuse them later. They’re perfect as reusable tube feeding bags.

What Sinchies reusable food pouches are available?

As mentioned, both the 200ml and 500ml food pouches — the ideal size for G-tube. feeding.

500ml Resusable Food Pouch - Ideal for G-Tube Feeding

We also have a range of many other products you can view in our online store.

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