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Ready to feed your baby fresh homemade food?

Ready to feed your baby fresh homemade food? Did you know that most of the baby food found on the supermarket shelves is older than your baby? Gross right!! Not only is it older than your baby it holds little to no nutrition, is processed heavily and can potentially last years. This shouldn’t be the way. Babies need all the nutrients they can get early on in life as their little bodies are growing so quickly and they’re developing rapidly. What you eat as a baby can have an impact on your health later on in life. And we all want for our children to lead a healthy and long life. Here at Sinchies reusable pouches I would love to educate you a bit and help you to be able to feed your baby fresh healthy homemade goodness while still having the convenience of store bought. But before I do that I thought I’d share with you how baby food is typically made.

In brief – store bought baby foods can have pre-processed purees in them

– so basically stuff that has already been pureed previously, that’s bought in bulk and delivered in plastic drums. The purees can be made by first washing the fruit and vegetables in chemicals, pureeing and heating to high temperatures in large vats. Heating food to high temperatures kills off vital nutrition and often makes it all the same texture and colour you see today in baby food pouches. Mango should be yellow right? Mango in a pouch is brown though?? Extra ingredients like lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, ascorbic acid are added as a preservative so the pouches can sit on the shelves unrefrigerated. Ingredients are generally listed in descending order – so the first ingredient listed contributes to the largest  amount and the last ingredient listed contributes to the least amount. Sometimes water doesn’t have to be declared as part of the ingredients but that’s a whole other thing! If a compound ingredient is used and is less than 5% it doesn’t need to be declared. So sometimes we actually have no idea exactly what we are eating or feeding our little people. After combos are mixed the puree is then pumped through hot metal pipes that are heated to more than 200F so that it becomes commercially sterile. Its then filled into pouches and jars. It doesn’t end here as sometimes it’s cooked again in the packaging. It’s then packed into boxes, loaded onto trucks or even ships and ends up in the supermarket – often for months. That’s a long way away from the farm right?

So how can I help you you feed your baby fresh healthy homemade food while still having the convenience of store bought and skip all this processing?

It’s actually quite simple and doesn’t’ require a lot of time -  simple purees can be made up in less than 5 minutes, filled into our Sinchies reusable pouches and then kept in the fridge or freezer for when you need them. It’s fresh, nutritious, healthy, preservative free  and ready to be eaten…..all at your finger tips. Making your baby food in bulk is the way to go as this way you’re sure to have pouches of fresh food on hand. The pouches cost about $2.55 each and these last for months if not years. They hold about 200ml of puree (you don’t have to fill them up all the way if you don’t’ want to), they take up less space in your freezer but most importantly are recyclable (in your red cycle bin) and are convenient! No lost lids for bowls, no juggling spoons and containers when out at about as we sell screw on spoons too. All our pouches are clear so you can identify the ingredients and see for cleaning. Now to make the food – all you have to do is have a nutri-bullet, thermomix or blender! A steamer or a pot. And lastly your fresh ingredients. I steam all my fruit and vegetables and then puree them up separately so I can make combos. If just trialling a new combo I freeze my puree using ice-cube trays and then into my Sinchies reusable ziplock wrap sized bags or into my Sinchies reusable ziplock sandwich sized bags for storage. baby food puree cubes storage baby food puree cubes storage I trial a combo by popping a cube of each into my 200ml sized pouch. If that combo is a hit I make a note of it for future reference. Once I’ve nailed what combos my baby likes I then make up a huge batch and dispense it into my Sinchies. I generally make up about 5-6 different combos so there’s different stuff on the go. So I chop, steam, blend and pour! It’s that simple. To get you started here is a great list of easy combos to try.

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