top spout pouch designs by sinchies

Pineapples, flamingoes and arrows – oh my!

Pineapples, flamingoes and arrows – oh my! We promised them and now they are here! Our 150ml top spout pouches are now available in our all-new pineapple, flamingoes and arrows designs! You can buy yours here! Just like our popular monochrome top spout, our new designs feature two triple lock zip-locks to prevent mess and a clear pouch with no bottom gusset for easy cleaning, adding a touch of elegance to any lunchbox or snack pack – yours included. But our new designs do offer parents one thing our monochrome pouches don’t…Bright and fun designs that will make healthy, homemade contents more inviting for kids to swallow! You can find the 150ml Pineapple, Flamingoes and Arrows top spout pouch at the Sinchies shop. While you are there why not also take advantage of AFTERPAY and ZIPPAY to stock up on the rest of our reusable wrap bags, reusable pouches and accessories range.

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