Packing a Nude food lunchbox

What is nude food? It's easy to pack a nude food lunchbox! Nude food is food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. Food that is naked and fresh ;) The best type of nude food is fresh food, so that it is healthy and nutritious and of course environmentally friendly with no throw away packaging. Nude food helps children to make conscious choices about what they eat which in turn teaches them about healthy eating. It encourages them to think about the impact on the environment that throw away packaging has, teaching them about sustainability. Once children understand the effects that packaging has on our world and are educated as to how many nasties are often found in prepackaged foods, you'll be surprised as to just how enthusiastic your children can become in their nude food journey! To pack a nude food lunch is easy nude-food-no-waste-lunches-reduce-reuse-recycle-sinchies-reusables nude-food-no-waste-lunches-reduce-reuse-recycle-sinchies-reusables All you'll need to pack a nude for lunchbox are reusable containers like our Sinchies pouches for yoghurt, custard, fruit purees, smoothies and jelly! Our Sinchies sandwich bags for sandwiches, rolls, scrolls, patties, pizza buns, mini pizza's and fruit. Our snack bags for homemade crackers, vegie chips, biscuits, popped corn, cheese, sultanas, raisins, yoghurt drops and our wrap bags for sushi, hot dogs, rice paper rolls, sausage rolls, meatballs, muffins or pies. If your children usually take chips or biscuits just avoid buying the small packets which contribute to more landfill - buy one big bag and portion it out. Using stainless steal cutlery from home is better than disposable plastic ones or if you're using our environmentally pouches for yoghurt you don't need a spoon! It's a good idea to write your child's name on the cutlery and remind them to put it back in their lunch box straight after eating. You can also buy lunch boxes that have lots of different sections to them so you don't need separate containers. Oh So Busy Mum has a great review of lunch boxes on her website if you're looking for a new one. Involve your children in you can with deciding what to take - you'll be surprised as to how much food gets eaten if they help choose! Ensure what you're offering as choices are healthy. When packing lunches try to avoid disposable ziplock bags, glad wrap or aluminium foil. Avoid poppers or tetra packed drinks and the single serves of yoghurts and cheese. It's so much cheaper to buy a big tub of yoghurt and dispense it into Sinchies reusable pouches. The same goes for cheese - buy a block and cut cubes up ready for the week ahead and store them straight into your snack bags so they're ready to grab and go! Avoid pre-packaged foods like muesli bars, chips, biscuits etc not only do they contain lots of sugar and often numbers and preservatives. Spend one day in the kitchen (and get your children involved) and make some snacks! There are lots of awesome recipes out there! We've also got some great recipes here

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