New reusable snack and sandwich pouches

Snacks and sandwiches a ‘sinch’ with the latest additions to the Sinchies range

Designed by Sinchies founder Sam Spunner to replace the mountains of glad bags that get thrown out daily and end up in landfill, the reusable sandwich bags launched on the 7th of July and snack bags on the 2nd of October are proving to be a hit with parents and kids alike.

“During my years of childcare, I saw how many parents used clip seal or zip lock bags for their children’s sandwiches and snacks. I noticed how costly they can be and the amount that we threw out on a daily basis.” Sam explains.

She continues, “Being an advocate for nude food and no waste in schools, and passionate about keeping both tummies and the planet healthy, I started searching for reusable sandwich bags to stock and use myself. I found a lot made out of fabric or similar but I couldn’t find anything that was like a glad bag, but tougher and reusable. So I decided to create one!”

Featuring thick durable plastic with a double zip lock top, pouches have been designed to be strong, sturdy, moisture resistant and airtight so sandwiches or snacks stay fresh. There’s also a handy little tab at the top to help little fingers pull the reusable pouches open.

“Like the rest of the Sinchies range the sandwich and snack pouches are clear so you can easily see the contents. This also makes it easier to clean so you don’t miss any sneaky bits of food stuck in the pouch.” Sam explains.

She continues, “They are also versatile, having endless uses like storing lefts overs, crackers and frozen fruit for smoothies.”

You can find the reusable sandwich pouches and reusable snack pouches in our Sinchies shop.

Stay tuned for more Sinchies additions to save sanity, money and the environment coming soon!

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