Free From Lunch Box Ideas Wk 2 - Nude Food, Litter Free

Lunchboxes "Free From" Weekly Plan - Week Two

How did Lunchboxes Free From come about?

I had a brainwave a few weeks ago and this was it! To create an easy weekly lunchbox plan for families - my idea is to support families with allergies and intolerances, eliminate numbers, colours and additives and also to provide ideas for the no litter / nude food lunchbox days schools and daycares have. I'm passionate about reducing waste and reusing where possible to help keep this world a beautiful place for our offspring - hence one of the reasons Sinchies was born.

Why Lunchboxes free from is so important

Healthy eating is my number one tho, another reason Sinchies was born (I'm one of those ingredient freaks that read the labels before buying it) - I feel there are way too many unnecessary ingredients (including too much sugar) in foods these days that can cause all sorts of problems.

Don't get me wrong - a little bit of sugar is okay but I feel there is way too much sugar out there...from yoghurt, custard, muesli bars, bread, cereals, biscuits and the list goes on. You'll be amazed at how much sugar, additives and preservatives you're giving your little people once you start looking at labels!

How lunchboxes free from can help with allergies and intolerances

With the increasing amount of families who have children with allergies and intolerances I thought it would be awesome if I could form a collaboration with some other awesome Mummas who I've worked with in the past to create a one stop shop - to provide you with ideas for lunchboxes. Thinking about it, you'll be making lunchboxes for a very long, long, long time - 12 years is it?

Where to get ideas for Lunchboxes free from

Understanding how time-poor we all are these days we hope to give you ideas of things you can make in advance and freeze. Things you can chop up ahead of time and put into snack bags ready for the week ahead. Foods that are whole, that are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, sugar - and also some paleo and vegan recipes.

Not all of our recipes will be free from everything but we will try to suggest alternatives wherever we can or you can simply replace that ingredient.

What's our top tip for Lunchboxes free from?

All it takes is a few hours over a weekend or an hour or so at night to make something that might last you a week or so. This is all dependent on the number of children you have and of course their appetites. My number one top tip is to double quantities if you're feeding a tribe or have healthy eaters. 

Free From Lunch Box Ideas Wk 2 - Nude Food, Litter Free

Who are we?

I'm Sam, the owner, creator and founder of Sinchies reusable pouches.

Gretta is from Mumma Be Organised.

Bek is the author of The Pram Diet and has created Healthy, Happy Lunchboxes.

Victoria is from Litter Free Easy Lunches and Nourishing the Whole Family.

So now down to the planner - Gretta did Week 1 and now it's my turn...

Week 2 - You can click here to print a copy

Free From Lunch Box Ideas Wk 2 - Nude Food, Litter Free Free From Lunch Box Ideas Wk 2 - Nude Food, Litter Free

Tips for lunchboxes free from preparation

  • You can pre-cut a weeks worth of carrot and cucumber sticks and get them ready in a snack bag or container  - so all you've got to do is grab and go.
  • Portion out the Gluten Free Cheesy Crackers and Muffins for the week - this will save you time!
  • Adding a little container of dip - like hommus - might encourage your children to eat the carrot and cucumber or cut it up into fun shapes.
  • If avo on it's own is not a favourite, try making a dip with it so you can dip your carrot and cucumber sticks into it.
  • Don't like tuna? Replace this with chicken. Simply bake or fry a chicken breast, whizz it up and freeze it for sandwiches, wraps and rice paper rolls.
  • Got hungry children or a bigger family? Make a double batch!
  • Prefill your Sinchies reusable pouches ahead of time with yoghurt - using our 1 litre pouch to fill the other pouches makes filling them a cinch.

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