Why Buy Sinchies' Reusable Wrap Bags?

It’s a wrap! Sinchies launches reusable wrap bags

Why Sinchies created reusable wrap bags

wrap-5When Sinchies founder Sam Spunner found it hard to find a suitable, affordable and environmentally friendly solution for her wraps, she took it upon herself to design one. “I found it difficult to find something compact yet suitable to store my wraps in when out and about. Coming from Africa where we reuse and repurpose as much as possible I didn’t like using glad wrap that gets thrown in the bin and contributes to landfill.” Spunner said.

What you won't find in Sinchies wrap bags

Free from nasties like BPA, Phthalates and PVC, the wrap bags featuring tough, durable plastic that keeps food fresher for longer. The reusable bag also has a ziplock top for easy opening and a bottom gusset, which is great for chunky wraps and sushi. “I love using them for wraps! I stay off bread as the gluten bloats me and plays on my IBS. I’ve also found they’re great for Sushi, rice paper rolls, hot dogs for my husband and my nephews have used them to store their colouring pencils in.”

Buy Sinchies reusable wrap bags

You can find the reusable wrap bags in our Sinchies shop. For wholesale enquiries please contact 0424 351 545 or wholesale@sinchies.com Stay tuned for more Sinchies additions that make every day tasks like eating or snacking on the go better, easier, cheaper, healthier and greener.

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