How to save money with Sinchies – Part One

If you’ve got yourself some Sinchies Reusable Pouches you’re already saving yourself some money! They are cheaper than the store bought disposable pouches and you get to use them again and again.

Buy in Bulk

A 1kg tub of yoghurt costs way less than buying lots of little tubs or tubes to fill lunchboxes. Fill at least 10 x 80ml pouches or at least 6 x 140ml pouches and freeze them or have them ready in the fridge to add to the lunchboxes. You can do the same with buying a 1 or 2 litre bottle of custard. Cha-ching! You’ve saved some $! If you make your own yoghurt or custard then that’s even more money trimmed off your shopping budget. Buying in bulk doesn’t only apply to yoghurt in lunchboxes though, you can buy all sorts of groceries in bulk – toiletries, cleaning supplies, craft supplies - and fill your Sinchies to make them easy to use. (Now you have an excuse to go and check out Costco J). For example: Buy a block of cheese and grate it into Sinchies sandwich bags or 1L pouches to freeze and you’ve saved some money and avoided the flour and preservatives on packaged grated cheese! Save money on baby food with Sinchies - Part One: Custard Savings Comparison Custard Savings Comparison

Make Your Own Baby Food

You could cook up batches of purée to fill Sinchies pouches for baby or have your pouches ready at dinner time. Whizz up the delicious leftovers and save them in Sinchies for baby’s lunches and out and about meals. If your bub is past the puree stage then you can save leftover meals for them in Sinchies reusable sandwich bags to heat up another day – a great alternative to sandwiches for lunch every day! (Please always be sure to heat food containing meat to the right temperatures and test the temperature first: how to prepare baby food safely) This is so much less money than buying jars and pouches of baby food in the supermarket, that create more waste in our environment – so you can give yourself a pat on the back for doing your bit for the environment too! Save money on baby food with Sinchies - Part One: Baby Food Savings Comparison Baby Food Savings Comparison

Take Your Own Refreshments

Heading to the beach or the park? Drive straight past that Juice Bar because you’ve packed your very own delicious smoothies in Sinchies reusable pouches! And what’s more, you know exactly what is in them. Fill your Reusable Sandwich bags with crackers, trail bix, cookies and all sorts of homemade goodness instead of handing over more $ to the coffee van at the park J More savings – yippee! This is just the start of how using Sinchies can save money at home. We’d love to hear your ideas so we can share them with all the Sinchies followers! If you need recipes, head over to the Sinchies website and have a browse through the Sinchies recipe section. It’s full of pouch friendly recipes!

Happy Saving with Sinchies!

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