how to make smoothie pouches your kids will love

How to Make Smoothie Pouches Your Kids Will Love

How to Make Smoothie Pouches Your Kids Will Love

How to make smoothie pouches your kids will love, is super simple with these easy steps! Hidden veggies too - always a winner! Kids and vegetables don’t often go hand in hand and you’ve probably found that you’re fighting a major battle every day to get yours to eat them. This can be stressful for everyone but there is an easier way to go about it. Vegetable smoothies are the perfect way to encourage kids to take in a couple of portions of vegetables (and fruit) in a format they’ll love. Here’s how to make them as appealing as possible!

Make Them Colourful

Bright colours are always exciting for kids so you can get a head start by making sure they look good. A bit of planning can work wonders here as combining lots of different colours can leave you with an unappetising looking smoothie that will likely put them off smoothies for life. Go with one dominant colour with your ingredients and you have much more control over the end result. Not all recipes lend themselves to pretty colours though so you may want to invest in a fun container with a lid that disguises the true colour for these ones.

Add Some Sweetness

Most kids have a sweet tooth so you can be sure that they’ll love smoothies that have a touch of sweetness to them. Some veggies have a slightly sweet taste but you can up the stakes by adding some fruit, which gives more natural sweetness. The trick is to add just enough fruit to be appealing but not enough for sugar to be a problem. Gradually decrease the amount of fruit in the smoothies and they’ll get used to the changing taste.

Get Them As Smooth as Possible

Any unexpected chunks of veg or fruit can be a deal breaker for kids so you want your smoothies to be super smooth. Not all types of blenders can guarantee this and it can ruin all of your great intentions if you have a blender that doesn’t quite do the job. It’s best to use a good countertop or high performance blender.

Smoothies on the Go

Smoothies are generally drunk from a glass (or other container) but they can be consumed in a handy, portable format too. Sinchies have a range of reusable food pouches that are perfect for slurping on the go or anytime they’re not at home. Getting your kid to eat more vegetables becomes even easier when they’re outside hungry, and you pull out a Sinchies pouch filled with an inviting, brightly colored smoothie! This is a guest blog post written by the lovely Jennifer Pelegreen from Easy Healthy Smoothie      

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