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Fun with lunches and great lunchbox ideas

It's fantastic that we can all help each other out these days with ideas for lunch boxes through the use of awesome technology. I'm a member of a few Lunchbox groups on facebook and I must say it's great to see all the ideas floating around and parents putting in so much effort to feed their children healthier and make their lunchboxes fun. 

Through my years of working in childcare i've seen some children come into care who weren't at all interested in their lunch. Being an educator I felt it was my role to offer tips and help families & children. One night laying in bed I thought - "What can i do to get this little person to eat?" So the next morning i sprung into action. I got out all the playdough cutters & gave them a good wash - The kiddies arrived and i set up the table with all the cutters and some plastic knives - we selected soft fruits for morning tea (melons, banana, peaches, berries) and cut them into shapes using the cutters and knives and stuck them on kebab sticks. We dipped the fruit in yoghurt and well, I have never seen so much fruit gobbled down by everyone - including little Miss L who was never interested in eating.

While eating we discussed favorite foods and what they would like to cook - Miss M goes first "Pizza" - followed by 3 more small voiced "Pizza". So that day we made Pizza - tomato sauce with hidden zucchini and carrot, ham, pineapple & cheese. Some kiddies blobbed a bit of tomato sauce on to make a face and others were happy enough with what they had made. 

So after this day and the huge success, we started making food fun. Everyone was happy, there were no meal time wars & we all were so chuffed with the improvement in foods the kiddies started to eatI I say do what it takes mums ;-)

I started stocking up on different bento accessories (from some of our Sinchies stockists) to keep the interest alive & we now have a nice stash! And that brings me to the end where i'm going to share some pictures of lunch ideas from Sinchies supporters, bloggers and stockists. 

Lunchbox Ideas For Kids That Are Fun And HealthyLunchbox Ideas For Kids That Are Fun And HealthyLunchbox Ideas For Kids That Are Fun And Healthy

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