Five School Fundraising Ideas (That Aren’t Lollies or Chocolates!)

5 School Fundraising Ideas (That Aren't Lollies Or Chocolate!)As parents of kindergarten or school kids (or aunties, uncles, grandparents, friends or neighbours for that matter!) you have no doubt become well acquainted with regular fundraising drives. While raising money for excursions and trips to new resources and facilities is essential for kindergartens and schools, the go-to fundraisers of chocolate bars and lolly packets aren’t. Here are five ideas to help you skip the sugar high and still raise funds you need for your school or kindergarten.


What parent doesn’t love having a keepsake for each school year? Hold an art gallery with children’s interpretations of famous paintings or their own special creations for a small price. Or print their artwork on tea towel or aprons for an extra special memento.


There are loads of events you can put on for a gold coin donation or entry fee from dances, trivia nights, bake sales and cook-offs, to book drives, no-uniform days and movie nights. Events don’t always need to be big, bold and expensive; often the simplest ones work best.

Competitions and Contests

Contests and competitions can often work a treat. Hold a raffle, or a guess-what’s-in-the-jar competition, run a talent show, quiz or spelling bee, or organise a sports competition - this can work a treat when it is teachers or parents versus students.

Books and Calendars

Books and calendars are oldies but goodies! Why not look at a calendar of photos or artwork, or organise parents to send in their favourite recipes or lunchbox snacks for a collaborative recipe book or ebook?

Sinchies Reusable Pouches

  Ok so maybe we are a little biased here, but we’ve helped hundreds of kindergartens and schools raise much-needed funds for different projects. With Sinchies Reusable Pouches being a product that has multiple uses across multiple age groups, they are a great alternative to the traditional methods of fundraising and also allow for the opportunity to educate kids on the importance of health and sustainability. Enquire about fundraising here. Have you had a favourite fundraising drive? What ideas would you add to the list?

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