Summer and the school holidays are on there way, and while it can be a great opportunity to spend more family time together, six weeks of keeping kids busy and entertained is no small feat! To ensure holidays are fun and exciting for the kids and you manage to pull through it with your sanity intact, we thought we’d share 8 Sinchies holiday activities to help you beat boredom.
  1. I Spy Bag

I Spy Bags are the perfect way to keep little hands and minds busy while you are travelling in the car or doing last minute Christmas shopping! It’s also a great quiet activity if you need to catch up on some tasks. To create an I Spy Bag fill a Sinchies sandwich pouch with little objects (foam shapes are ideal), write a list on the front of what items they need to ‘spy’, fill the bag with rice and seal it shut. Sinchies-I-spy-bag-2
  1. Ice Pop Making

Who doesn’t like making their own cold treat? Get your kids to make up their own combinations of ice blocks, ice creams or frozen yoghurt in Sinchies Pops, in the morning to enjoy a cool treat in the afternoon. Here are some of our favourites… pops1-sinchies-reusable-food-pouch
  1. Foam Painting

Paging Fun Mums gave us this great idea. All you need is Shaving Foam, Elmers or School Glue, Food Colouring, Glitter, Cardstock Paper or Canvas and of course a Sinchies pouch! You can see the full instructions here foamglitterpaint
  1. Sinchies Treasure Hunt

Get your kids outdoors with a Sinchies scavenger hunt! Give your kids a Sinchies sandwich bag and a list of items they need to collect from your backyard (like leaves, flowers, bark etc.) or a list of clues to help them find items you have hidden and see how long it takes to find them all.
  1. Homemade Fruit Jelly Lollies

Next time you are at the shops grab some small silicone moulds to have on hand for when your kids want to make this great fruit jelly lolly recipe! Quick and easy to make your kids will love these health treats.
  1. Backyard Picnic

Who says you have to go out for a picnic? Backyard picnics are great fun and with your Sinchies pouches they are also a Sinch! Get out the picnic rug, grab the basket and pack all your favourite goodies in your Sinchies pouches and bags. IMG_5609
  1. Go sketching

Have a budding artist? Why not pack your kids colouring pencils in a Sinchies wrap bag, grab a scrapbook and head for the park, beach or another interesting location to do some sketching? You could even frame their masterpieces and hang them in their bedroom.
  1. Get baking

Bake up a batch of cupcakes or biscuits and let your kids decorate them with icing and edible decorations. Have different coloured icing ready for them to use in Sinchies 150ml pouches to prevent extra mess while they let their creativity flow! icing sinchies Do you have any Sinchies activities to share? We’d love to hear them! Email us at

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