7 Christmas Ideas for your Sinchies

7 Christmas Ideas for Your Sinchies

7 Christmas Ideas for Your Sinchies

We LOVE Christmas here at Sinchies! Smiling little faces, time spent with family, the pile of ripped paper by the Christmas tree and of course the feasting – oh the feasting! Though all too often we can get so busy preparing for Christmas that we forget to slow down and enjoy the lead up. So to help you enjoy this last week before Christmas we’ve got 7 Christmas ideas for your Sinchies from gift ideas to essential Christmas Eve activities.
  1. Advent Calendar

Have a little one (or a big adult) who has already raided the chocolate calendar? Or perhaps you’re avoiding chocolate this year? Do a Sinchies Advent Calendar. Fill your Sinchies with loads of surprises or snacks to open. 7 Christmas Ideas for your Sinchies
  1. Icing in a Bag

I don’t know about you but in our family Christmas is the season of baking! From cakes to cookies it seems like there is always something cooking. As you normally need multiple icing colours (red, white, green and more) I pop them in my Sinchies and let the kids have some fun. Hayley
  1. Christmas Cookies in a Pouch

We are starting to see a real rise in ready-to-go recipes as gifts for neighbours, friends and extended family members. Here’s one of my favourites - quick, easy and scrumptious Christmas Cookies in a bag. Christmas-cookies-in-a-sinchies-reusable-pouch
  1. Sinchies Gift Bags

Whether you are having a Christmas party, looking for a cute Christmas Day favour or want a different gift to give your little one’s friends the Sinchies Gift Bags are great. Fill a Sinchies with chocolate or candy for a yummy treat that keeps giving into the New Year. christmas-gift-ideas-teachers-children-friends
  1. Homemade Gifts

I don’t know about you but I love receiving gifts of homemade jams and marmalades. There is just something special about someone taking the time and effort to make you something. If you want to avoid the glass jars with little ones around, packing a Sinchies with homemade goodness is exactly what they were made for! Jam-storage-ideas-sinchies-reusable-pouch
  1. Cream for Pavlova

What’s an Aussie Christmas without Pavlova right? But transporting all of the ingredients or finding room in the fridge can be a challenge to say the least! That’s why I do up a big batch of whipped cream and store it in a Sinchies. Not only does it take up less room in the fridge, it’s super easy to transport and apply if we are heading to someone else’s house for a celebration. IMG_6331
  1. Reindeer food

Putting out the reindeer food is a favourite in our family and making the mixture up in a Sinchies can make it easier (and less messy) for little hands. Simply grab some oats, mix in some glitter and sprinkle it all over your front and/or back yard. This is also a really great Christmas gift idea for friends of your little ones, and here’s a little poem if you wanted to attach it to your Sinchies reindeer food. reindeer-food-poem Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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