10 ways to save money with kids

10 ways to save money with kids When you announce the wonderful news to your family that you’re going to have a baby, it’s a special time of celebration. So don’t be surprised if no one pulls you aside and has a quiet word about how much kids cost. The reality is, though, having kids can be very expensive, and often requires some budgetary gymnastics. That’s why, at Sinchies, we’ve put together this list of 10 ways to save money with kids. 

Reuse swim nappies

Swim nappies are a special kind of nappy that don’t absorb water. Instead, they’re made to prevent poo from leaking out into swimming pools or the ocean. However, if your child doesn’t do a poo, you can simply wash the swim nappy and reuse it.

Buy food in bulk

Buying food in bulk is still a great way to save money. Often companies will sell larger containers of food at a much lower rate per gram, kilogram or litre, compared to smaller containers. So, for example, you could buy a 2L tub of yoghurt, and then distribute that out into your small Sinchies reusable pouches.

Take food with you when you go out

Sometimes just getting out the door on time is hard with kids. And often, in the rush, we forget to pack snacks and end up having to buy overpriced food from cafes or take-away shops. But if you can put aside a little time before you go out to pop some snacks in a bag, this will save you quite a bit of money every time you leave the house.

Make a meal plan and only buy what you need

A meal plan means deciding what you’re going to cook each night of the week before you go to the shops. This way you will only buy the exact ingredients you need. A meal plan will also prevent ‘supermarket zombie shopping’ where you get home and find you bought a whole bunch of things you didn’t really need and none of the essentials.

Make your own homemade wipes

Baby wipes are the most popular product for cleaning up after a child has gone to the toilet or eaten. But a really easy way to save money is to switch to a wet washcloth to clean their face after they’ve eaten, and use homemade wipes for their bum. Homemade wet wipes are super easy to make. Simply use:
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tabelspoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon organic body wash.

Buy up big when sales are on

Saving money with kids also means knowing when to spend your money. The best time to spend is when a sale is on at the supermarket or department store. Obviously you can’t buy a truckload of perishables, like milk, but any non-perishables, go nuts. Also, if your child is in need of some new clothes, wait till a sale is on at a department store. And if you’re going to buy a lot of clothes, make sure you get different sizes (i.e. some that will fit now and some that they can grow into).

Make your own baby food

Making your own baby food is one of the oldest and best ways to save money with kids. It can be time-consuming, but if you have the time rather than the money, it’s time well spent. You’ll need a bunch of fresh ingredients and a food processor or blender. See some of our Sinchies baby food recipes for ideas.

Shop at local markets and discount stores

Big chain supermarkets are usually not the cheapest places to shop. If you have a local farmers market (that isn’t one of those up-market ones) then you can save a lot of money on things like fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and bread. And for your other household needs, try to find a discount store in your area—you might be surprised how many products they stock that you need.

Use cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are reusable nappies that you can wash. These will save you buying nappies every week for 2-3 years and also help save the environment. Cloth nappies do require more time and patience than regular disposable nappies, but they will definitely save you some money.

Search for free entertainment

If you want to get out and about with the kids, do a bit of research and find the free stuff. Depending where you live, you might find there are many public places that are child-friendly and free, such as:
  • parks
  • public play areas
  • museums
  • art galleries
  • exhibitions
  • the beach.
Hopefully these 10 ways to save money with kids will help you relax and enjoy your time spent with your little ones, rather than worrying about money. With Sinchies, we try to make your life that little bit easier. See more ideas in our Sinchies blog.

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