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10 Kitchen Hacks - Ways to Prep and Store Your Produce

10 Kitchen Hacks and ways to prep and store your produce to get the most of them! I'm one of those people that like to use as much of the produce that I have - and with rising prices I thought I'd share a few things that I do.
  1. When I buy a pineapple I always try to buy one with the top still on it. I cut this off and plant it, giving me a pineapple in about 2 years.  When trimming a pineapple I slice off the base and top first and cut down the sides following the shape of the pineapple. Any spikes bits still left on the pineapple I dig out with a knife.
  2. If my blueberries are going soft (as well as strawberries) don't toss them - pop them into a suitable sized Sinchies in the freezer to use in smoothies, muffins, jam and fruit roll ups.
  3. To keep my celery fresh - I wrap it in al-foil. The same piece of al-foil lasts me months as I keep reusing it. I also chop the bottom off my celery bunch when I get it - leaving just the stalks for me to use. The bottom bit I plant in the soil - leaving the top exposed.
  4. When my tomatoes are going a bit soft - I usually freeze them in my Sinchies Sandwich bags. When needed I grate them directly into my cooking.
  5. Cucumbers go soft pretty quickly in my house - until I learnt that they need to be stored on their own away from other fruit and vegetables. I usually put these in a Tupperware crisper.
  6. If you've over bought on vegetables - don't chuck them. Prep your vegetables. Blanch them. Drain them. And then portion them out into your Sinchies Sandwich or Snack bags.
  7. Avocados are my nemesis - one day they're not ready and the next they're over ripe. To help the ripening process I pop an Avocado in a brown bag with a banana - in a few days it will be ready to go. Depending on what I'm needing my Avo for - I sometimes smash it and store it in a Sinchies 200ml Top Spout pouch - squeezing any excess air out to stop it from going brown. Do you know that you can freeze avo too?
  8. This is a big one - how expensive are cauliflowers right now? OMG!! So this is one that I do quite often and have for years - Don't discard the leaves! I cook them up like I'm cooking a stir-fry - in my wok with some olive oil, garlic and soy sauce. Sometimes if the leaves are bigger I add a bit of stock and simmer it for a while.
  9. When I buy my strawberries (from Ashbern Farms, a local farmer) - I wash them and then wrap them in kitchen paper. And put them into a Sinchies wrap bag. This helps them to stay fresh for longer.
  10. We have a lovely herb garden - most of the herbs just grow and grow but some with the likes of basil seed. If I don't need to use them right away I pick them and make a pesto or I freeze them in ice cube trays with a bit of oil. When frozen I put them into my Sinchies reusable ziplock bags!

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