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10 different easter ideas that don't include chocolate

Easter time has always been fun for us - lets face it most of us LOVE chocolate and of course the fun of an Easter Egg hunt is never missed. Now that I have Miss 5 and Master 1, Easter really gets exciting again. I love all the ideas around & can't wait to make some bunny foot prints using corn flour, hide some sparkly styrofoam eggs for them to find and then a clue to find one Easter egg at the end (I'll get to why just one later). I believed the Easter bunny used to live on the moon - because when you're a kid and your imagination is pure, there's the Easter bunny pushing a wheel barrow (full of Easter eggs) when you look at the moon. Right? I will definitely carry this on for a few years - cause frankly I don't know where else the Easter bunny could live and the moon sounds like an awesome place! Now that I'm a mum I do worry about the huge overload of chocolate. Yes it's one day, but I still feel the overload of chocolate from us unnecessary. Over indulging, the come downs, tantrums and for weeks afterwards wanting chocolate first thing in the morning because they know there's an over supply. This is one reason why kids will get one Easter egg or chocolate bunny from us for years to come. And a hot cross bun for breakfast of course. Our family will give my daughter chocolate, friends will give her some chocolate so she really doesn't need multiple chocolates from us too. I'll most likely eat some of it and right now my hips can do without it. I don't care if people think I'm mean or whatever else they want to think, that's their opinion and that's okay, but for me it's the tradition and the memories and fun of finding the eggs that I want her to remember. So over the years I've done a few different things that doesn't involve chocolate to give away because I know most of my group of friends are also concerned about the sugar intake too. So here are some of my ideas...

  1. Face washer bunny
easter bunny face washer
2. Bunny Tails - Making your own marshmallows is easy - I recently experimented with a honey recipe but also have the traditional sugar one! No nasties! Check out our super Bunny Tails Gift Kit if you want to pick up a bargain and make life a little easier for yourself.
Bunny tails marshmallows
3. Crackled boiled eggs - not so much a gift idea but super fun on Easter Sunday! Boil some eggs, crack the shell, drop in some food colouring and voila fancy looking eggs!
crackled coloured boiled eggs
4. Homemade Hot Cross Buns - I love to bake these and give them away! Sinchies is perfect for making the crosses with.
easy hot cross buns
5. Bunny Cake and Fruit - I can't remember where these next two photos are from (as I've had them saved for years) but they're super cute! fresh fruit easter bunny face
6.  Egglings - Herb eggs are a unique prezzie and I love the fact that even after Easter has passed, whoever you have given it to will look at the nice herbs and remember you! eggling herb egg 7. Wind up chicks and rabbits - I remember sitting for hours playing with little wind up toys as a child. So this year all Miss T's friends will be getting one. wind up chickens rabbits
8. Chalk eggs - Miss T got gifted these along with a cool magnetic chalk mat at Christmas time and I thought they would be a perfect fit for Easter! chalk eggs
9. Hatching rabbit eggs - the fascination of a bunny coming out of an egg, always intriguing and LOVED by whoever I've gifted them to. hatching rabbit egg
10. Homemade cookies decorated with icing - So much thought and time has gone into making these that they mean more to me than any store bought gift! My daughter gifted these to her daycare friends last year. easter egg cookie

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