Make ahead smoothie kit freezer bags

Make-ahead smoothie bags

A game changer for saving time and make reaching for a healthy breakfast smoothie or pick-me-up snack smoothie an easy, no fuss option. Here's how 👉🏻:

Bulk prep your smoothie essentials - fill your Sinchies freezer safe, reusable ziplock bags with your favourite smoothie ingredients. Stack in your freezer and grab for a quick and easy breakfast or snack. Add the contents of your smoothie bag into a blender with your liquid of choice and optional protein. Blend and serve. Smoothie bag ideas below 👇:

🍌🌱 Banana, baby spinach, zucchini, chia seeds - just add your choice of milk and optional protein powder.

🍓🫐🥒 Strawberry, blueberries, cucumber, cashews - just your choice of milk and optional greens/protein powder.

Check out our Smoothie Kit for all your essentials.

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