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      Lunch Bags & Boxes FAQ

      What Are Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes?

      Lunch boxes and bags are essential to transporting your children’s meals when they’re out and about (whether with you or at school).

      Lunch boxes are responsible for holding your kids’ meals, from sandwiches to cut fruit, with different sections for each treat. At Sinchies, they come in a wide variety of air-tight designs, colours, shapes, brands and sizes to suit your needs and your child’s preferences.

      Lunch bags envelop lunch boxes. Insulated lunch bags, such as the ones we sell, are more than just decorative – they are leak-proof to prevent the inevitable spills from your little one. During the hotter months, their design allows food to stay fresher and cooler for longer. Like lunch boxes, their design and size can vary to suit your needs and your child’s preferences.

      For both lunch boxes and lunch bags, we include the dimensions in the descriptions online and have a 14-day return policy. This way, you can choose the boxes and bags that work best.

      Are Sinchies’ Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes Suitable for Children and Adults?

      Yes, they are! Sinchies designs lunch bags and boxes for children and adults. Everyone is more than welcome to embrace their fun and whimsical designs that are packed with functionality.

      Thanks to our range of sizes, our lunch bags and boxes can work for any age group. Play around by mixing and matching them with your family.

      Are Sinchies’ Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes Insulated?

      All of our lunch bags are insulted.

      Insulated lunch bags are usually made with a layer of foam or other material designed to aid insulation, wedged between the inner and outer layers. Insulation helps the bag to stay at a consistent temperature, whether that means trapping the heat or cold, which keeps the contents fresher for longer. All you have to do is pop one of our lunch boxes in to keep everything fresh and delicious!

      How Do I Clean and Maintain Sinchies’ Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes?

      Our lunch boxes and bags are designed to be easy to maintain.

      Lunch boxes should either be hand or machine-washed, depending on the material they’re made from. We focus on hard-wearing but BPA-free materials, so you know your little ones are eating safe.

      Lunch bags are machine washable, easy to wipe down and made to last. They’ve endured several wear tests to guard against wear and tear. Thanks to their water-resistant fabric, cleaning is made easy.

      Always consult your detailed care instructions when purchasing a Sinchies lunch box or bag.

      Can I Use Sinchies’ Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes to Pack Hot or Cold Meals?

      Of course. Thanks to Sinchies temperature control, both hot and cold meals are kept regulated with lunch boxes and bags.

      Our lunch bags contain a self-contained gel ice pack, improving temperature control and keeping your meals fresher for longer. There’s a separate pocket to pop in an ice pack if you’re trying to keep things cool without the condensation.

      We have several lunch boxes that can help with keeping meals cool. Some contain a gel cooler pack under the sandwich tray to help keep food chilled.

      Are Sinchies’ Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes Environmentally Friendly?

      At Sinchies, we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly.

      We endeavour to combine affordability with convenience, healthy eating and easy prep.

      Sinchies has designed a whole range of reusable pouches and ziplock bags and has since expanded into useful kits to make preparing meals and cleaning up after them a simpler process. The more we can reuse and reduce, the more our planet benefits.

      You’ll find that many of our lunch boxes are BPS-, PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free.

      Can Sinchies’ Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes Accommodate Various Types of Food Containers?

      Yes, Sinchies has been designed around customisability.

      Our range of lunch boxes, food jars, bento pouches, reusable food pouches, and other accessories have all been designed to complement one another in whatever way suits you. Combine different lunch boxes with dividers and cups; pop them into a lunch bag that keeps everything nice and safe.

      You’ll find all the dimensions for every product in the description box, so you can be sure you’re choosing products that mesh correctly with one another. 

      Lunchtime can be an easy-breezy experience. It’s what you and your kids deserve. To find out more, contact the Sinchies team today.