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I used a Sinchies for breakfast this morning and it was excellent! I’ve been having so many problems feeding my daughter. She either clamps her mouth shut when I show her a spoon or snatches it from me and fails to get more than a mouthful. Handheld food is the same – enthusiastic, but poor intake. With your pouch, she holds it, puts it up to her mouth when she wants some, I squeeze, she swallows. And when I offer her the stuff that she’s dribbled onto her chin on a spoon she actually takes it. I think the pouch distracts her! She’s an ex prem so feeding and weight gain have been issues since the start. I am so happy I can just make my own food and feed it her properly. So, thank you 😉
Marta S
We have just arrived home from a European trip with our two girls aged two and 6 months. We took with us some Sinchies, spoon and sucky nozzles (Sip’N lids) for our bubba who was just starting on solids to use. Hubby raved about how fantastic they were the whole trip and said it was the best thing we took. Made our job so easy trying to take and store food for our baby. I would pack the food in the morning and pop in a cold pack, we could feed bub when we wanted with hardly any mess or fuss then just rinse when we got home at night ready for the next day. Was brilliant on the plane!! Highly recommended!!! Thanks for a great product!
Erin L
There is nothing like a good homemade chicken stock. It’s so versatile, and loads more healthy for you than store bought rubbish. I discovered Sinchies at the start of the year when a friend of mine posted on facebook that she couldn’t wait for her Sinchies reusable food pouches to arrive. I’m like what are Sinchies? I went to their website and I was seriously impressed.” Hop on over to Run Mum for an awesome stock recipe for your 1 Litre Sinchies reusable food pouches
Matilda E (Run Mum)
Being able to use the Sinchies pouches with the Nutricia pump has made life so much easier. We no longer have to worry about having bottles hanging up, we can simply connect the pouch, pop it in her backpack and off we go. Matilda can still play with her friends and participate in life as normal with the use of your pouches. Thank you
Eryn B
“I know I gush a bit about this product, but it has really made a huge difference to what I can pack in school lunches and what food I can carry with me when I go out with 3 toddlers. Some of my favourite things to fill in the Sinchies for the kids is jelly, custard and creamed vanilla rice with pureed fruit (equates to only 18cents each and fills them up). With a family of seven, it is saving us lots of money too without compromising on giving them healthy, fun food. You really do have a fantastic, innovative product
Christine C
I like to bulk cook and freeze my baby food. It’s so easy to get a couple of Sinchies out of the freezer at night for the next day’s meals. They have made my life so much easier and have saved space in my freezeer! I just ordered another 20. They are an item I always to give to my friends as gifts
Joellen D
I can now give my dairy allergic son the dairy free alternatives his siblings love, like the squeezie custards and yoghurt
Anna D
We used a Sinchies yesterday as a travel pack for sunscreen instead of carting around the big pump pack – Brilliant! They were my saviour over Christmas, too. With a freezer full of healthy food that is super easy to pack and go, meals for my 9 month old was one thing I didn’t have to stress over! Thanks for a great product!
Baby Beehinds
I just wanted to say that I brought sinchies for the first time at the beginning of the year and my 4 children have been using them non- stop for their daily yoghurt and nearly 6mths in they are still going strong. Great product. Thank you

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