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Another new kit that I have just launched is the chill, freeze and store pack. This chill, freeze and store pack has everything you need for storing things in your fridge and freezer. Compact storage containers that are reusable, lightweight and clear so you can always see exactly what is in them.

I use these all the time from storing meat when buying it in bulk, left over curry’s, stews and other meals, freezable sandwiches, for portioning out lunchbox snacks, bulk cook ups of rice and quinoa, left over tomato paste, coconut milk, other sauces, soups and loads more! Their versatility is endless.

Not only will you save space in your freezer you will save 100’s of dollars every year compared to buying single use ziplock bags.

What you get in the chill, freeze and store pack

5 x 1 litre pouches great for bulk soups, you can make ice-bricks for your esky and when it defrosts you have nice cold water to drink, big portions of smoothies, pancake batter

5 x 500ml pouches – great for single portions of soup for adults, smoothies on the go, bulk cook up of sauces like tomato passata, white sauce

5 x 200ml pouches – I use these for when I make stock paste, have left over curry paste, left over tomato paste, coconut cream etc

5 x Reusable Sandwich bags (our new bigger ones) – great for portions of rice or quinoa, left over curry’s or stews, storing freezable sandwiches, muffins, pancakes and using them for portioning out meat if you buy in bulk from the butchers, or even for frozen smoothie bags (put your fruit in and freeze and when you need a smoothie grab it out and whizz it up)

5 x Reusable Snack bags – does everything above but in smaller portions – these are also great for lunchbox snacks

You won’t regret buying this chill, freeze and store pack as it’s versatility is endless!

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