How to save money on your grocery bill? Save over $700 by using reusable pouches

How to save money on your grocery bill? Save over $700 by using reusable pouches

Yes you read right – you can save over $700 a year on your grocery bill by using reusable pouches based on 1 child using pre-filled yoghurt squeezy’s.

I used to run my own family daycare prior to Sinchies. Children would come in everyday with a pouch of yoghurt and parents used to complain about how dear the Yoghurt pouches were. I didn’t have children at the time and only when I looked into it did I realise just how expensive these squeezy pouches were and kids would suck them down in 10 seconds flat.

Did you know by using Sinchies you could save a whopping $718.96 a year!!

7 days of buying yoghurt squeezies at an average of $2.24 per 140g pouch – That’s $15.68 a week for roughly 980ml of Yoghurt

If you buy a big 1kg tub of yoghurt (Yoplait Vanilla Yoghurt ) for $4.00 – You can fill up 7 x 140ml Sinchies for just $0.57 each. Saving $11.68 a week

Even better still if you made your own yoghurt (which is easy peasy by the way), 1L costs me about $1.20 – I fill up 7 x 140ml Sinchies and it costs me just $0.17 per pouch. Saving $14.48 a week

This is obviously a no brainer – In a year you can save as much as $752.96 on yoghurt alone.

But, If you subtract the cost of 20 x 140ml pouches from that – $34.00 (as we believe you’ll only need 20 for the year per one child) – You’re still saving a whopping $718.96 a year!

Now that is a holiday for my family and I know I’d far rather fill up Sinchies and have a holiday than buy prefilled pouches.

The solution is to start using Sinchies today – they’re super easy to use (watch the video here) and start saving for that holiday!

Get them here

PS Sinchies are really a Cinch to use! With the awesome pack we have up for grabs, it has all the bits and pieces you need to get you on your reusable pouch journey to saving money!

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