Strawberry Bombs – Nut Free Bliss Balls Recipe

 35g dried pear
 35g dried strawberries
 15g chia seeds
 50g sultanas
 35g rolled oats
 50g desiccated coconut
 35g raw honey
 1tsp vanilla extract
Nut free Bliss balls

I used a Thermomix to make mine but a food processor or something similar would work too.


Blitz the oats until they are fine. Add the dried pear and strawberries and blitz again for about 20 seconds. Add the chia seeds, sultanas, rolled oats, coconut, honey and vanilla extra and whizz until the mixture has combined.


Use a teaspoon as your measure and roll into balls. Store them in a Sinchies sandwich or wrap bag in the fridge.

Recipe Info

Recipe Info

Yields100 Servings

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