Kids Spinach and Corn Fritters

 1 tbsp butter
 100 g baby spinach, chopped
 1 cup cooked corn
 80 g cheese of your choice (I use cheddar)
 8 eggs
 ½ cup cream
 2 tbsp self raising flour
Kids Spinach and Corn Fritters

Melt the butter in a frying pan and cook the spinach until it has wilted. Place into a mixing bowl and allow to cool.


Add the flour, corn kernels & cheese to the spinach and mix well.


In a bowl whisk together the eggs and cream and then pour it into the corn and spinach mix.


Warm a frying pan and then on low heat dollop (using a tablespoon) some mix into the pan - making pancake sized fritters. Cook as you would pancakes. Serve warm on their own or serve with some sour cream or with some chutney.

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