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Hidden Vegetable Macaroni Cheese

Yields1 Serving

hidden Veggie mac and cheese

 150 g Kumara
 2 Carrots
 100 g Butternut Pumpkin
 1 Zucchini
 1 Red Capsicum
 50 g Butter
 50 g Corn Flour
 500 ml Milk
 150 g Tasty Cheese or Cheddar Cheese
 2 tsp Dijon Mustard
 ½ tsp Sweet Paprika
 1 Vegetable Stock cube (don't add this if this is for babies)
 500 g Macaroni Pasta

Dice the Kumara, carrots, pumpkin, capsicum and zucchini and steam until tender. Blend this up with 1/4 cup of reserved steaming liquid and transfer to a bowl.


Boil the macaroni pasta according to the directions on the packet.


To make the sauce use a saucepan, melt the butter and add the cornflour. Wait until this bubbles slightly and then add the milk. Stirring constantly until this thickens.


Grate the cheese and add this to the sauce. Add the sauce to the vegetable puree. And finally add your cooked pasta and stir until the sauce has coated the macaroni.


Tip: You can add some cheese and tomato to the top and grill for about 5-10minutes.
Another option is adding some cooked chicken breast or diced cooked bacon to the sauce.

We enjoy the vegetarian version - it's so yummy and a nice cheap meal.

I quite often only need half of this to feed my family so store the remainder of the sauce in a 1 litre Sinchies reusable pouch

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