Easter bunny bark recipe

 6 cups Popcorn (Already popped not the kernels)
 1 cup Pretzels
 200 g Chocolate eggs OR Smarties OR M&Ms
 375 g White Chocolate Metls

Place the Popcorn, Pretzels, chocolate eggs in a bowl.


In another bowl melt 2/3 of the white chocolate melts. Once melted pour this into your popcorn mix and mix well.


Spread over a lined baking tray and flatten using a spatula. Then sprinkle over your sprinkles.


Melt the remaining white chocolate melts and then divide this equally into 3 small bowls - add your choice of food colouring to each bowl and mix well. Drizzle over the Popcorn mix.


Place the tray in the fridge for about 10 minutes or until set. Break it up and divide it into your Sinchies snack bags . These make for a wonderful class gift idea. We recommend you store them in the fridge until you're ready to eat.

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Recipe Info

Yields1 Serving

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