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Recipe in a bag from Sistermixin

By January 22, 2015 December 16th, 2015 Blog, Sinchies Lists of Ideas

Sinchies really do have the most supportive and wonderful stockists! If you haven’t heard of these guys – Sistermixin you should check them out. They’re two sisters, both mothers & wives, who love cooking – they’ve got a great selection of recipes and most importantly – recipes for your Sinchies pouches. As you will see below….in a minute….. they come up with awesome ideas.

Now what a thoughtful gift this is – would this be to a new mum, sick friend or even just a birthday gift! You could add some cupcake cases, sprinkles and home made icing stored in a 200ml and there you have your own little cupcake factory for a little ones birthday, sleepover or mum/child bonding time.

A message from Jo: I’ve got a friend who’s just had her third baby and and they are all 3 and under. So as a little present, I’ve taken (my sister) Tracey’s idea she had for our cousin a few weeks ago and made up a couple of packaged recipes. I’ve printed out the recipe from our site, and handwritten what she needs to add and stuck them on the front. As you can see, I’ve packed the dry ingredients in our 1 litre Sinchies so that acts as a present too. i know she will reusae the Sinchies for her soups, stocks, milks etc.

She lives a mostly wholefood diet so i’ve done her up a “healthified” 5 second chocolate slic mix and spelt cupcake mix. Hopefully she likes them. Jo

You can find the recipes Jo used here:

Slice: http://www.sistermixin.com/recipe-items/healthified-5-second-chocolate-slice/
Cupcakes: http://www.sistermixin.com/recipe-items/spelt-cupcakes-plain-raspberry-blueberry-apple/


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