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Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Strawbalicious Shake Recipe

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This strawbalicious shake recipe was sent in by a Sinchies fan Jackie who is an avid juicer & often shares her juicing recipes with us too. This is so simple but yet so deliscious and it’s absolutely perfect with strawberries which are still in season. If you’ve got bananas that are about to go black and squishy, quickly put them in the freezer and add a frozen banana to this for a nice icey drink.

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brain power smoothie recipes

Brain Power Smoothie Recipes

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I was feeling a bit “doughy” this morning & needed a pick me up. I went rummaging through my empty fridge & freezer and found all that I could. Chucked it in the good ole faithful thermomix and whizzed it up. It was perfect & needing nothing added. Just what I needed to give me some energy

I’m sure the kiddies would enjoy this smootihie in their lunchboxes!

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