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Healthy Banana Milkshake Recipe Recipe

Healthy Banana Milkshake

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This Banana milkshake recipe has been given to us by the lovely Shell from  “The Clean Lunchbox”. The Clean Lunchbox is a great place to find amazing recipes for your weeks of lunchbox making – featuring autoimmune, paleo, vegan, dehydrating and fermenting recipes – 87 in total!

Check it out at www.thecleanlunchbox.com.au

The Antioxidant blend can be bought from https://tigersraw.com.au/prodcut/antioxidant-blend

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Yoghurt Drops

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Those little yoghurt drops you can buy from the supermarket that the kiddies love, well here’s a recipe that actually works & is pretty close to the real thing. These home-made yoghurt drops come out nice and crunchy.

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Yoghurt Muesli clusters

Yoghurt Muesli Clusters Recipe

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Finding healthy new things to add to lunchboxes can be a bit tricky! So we thought we’d share some of the things we make here at Sinchies HQ. These Yoghurt Muesli clusters are really yummo and very simple to make but do take a wee bit of time in the dehydrator or oven!
All you need is muesli, yoghurt and a dehydrator or oven.

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