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How to Make Dairy Milk Yoghurt

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This dairy milk yoghurt recipe makes a really thick, greek style, pot set yoghurt using using our mild yoghurt culture

Follow these directions carefully, using regular full cream, homogenised and pasteurised milk, add our Yoghurt Starter Culture, and you will have the best homemade yoghurt ever… no preservatives or additives.

Pour into your 150ml Top Spout Sinchies reusable pouches and you’ll have the best yoghurt at a fraction of the price.

Low fat milk can also be used, although the yoghurt may not be as creamy and thick as the “full cream” version.


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Green Banana Thickshake Recipe

Green Banana Thick Shake

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This Green Banana Thick shake recipe has been given to us by the lovely Shell from  “The Clean Lunchbox”. The Clean Lunchbox is a great place to find amazing recipes for your weeks of lunchbox making – featuring autoimmune, paleo, vegan, dehydrating and fermenting recipes – 87 in total!

Check it out at www.thecleanlunchbox.com.au

The Antioxidant blend can be bought from https://tigersraw.com.au/prodcut/antioxidant-blend

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Yoghurt Drops

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Those little yoghurt drops you can buy from the supermarket that the kiddies love, well here’s a recipe that actually works & is pretty close to the real thing. These home-made yoghurt drops come out nice and crunchy.

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