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Fill your pouches with ease!

Sinchies Filling Station

It’s suited to fit all your top spout Sinchies reusable pouches with the small standard lids. Pop the lids into the holes with the pouch sides slotted into the prongs, and you’re ready to use a funnel or 1L Sinchie to pour yummy goodness straight in!

Fill your pouches with ease!

The collapsible arms make it easy to store!

Reusable Pouch Drying Rack

Our drying rack is suited to fit all your Sinchies reusable pouches (and others) and will dry them with ease. Open them up & pop them over the prongs, keeping them open, and voila a few hours later your Sinchies are dry and ready to use again.

The collapsible arms make it easy to store!

Available in White and Orange!

5 Child Safe Anti-Choke Lids

They are bigger than the standard lids that come with all Sinchies pouches and easier to keep track of! We recommend these if using the pouches for babies and small children.

Available in White and Orange!

To suit 80ml, 140ml, 150ml & 200ml Top Spout pouches, 200ml and 500ml pouches


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  • 1 x Sinchies Filling Station
  • 1 x Reusable Pouch Drying Rack
  • 5 x Child Safe Anti-Choke Lids (Random Colour)
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