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Making yoghurt in a 1 Litre Sinchies

Making yoghurt and filling your pouches couldn’t be made any easier! Simply follow the instructions on the back of a yoghurt powder packet, add the ingredients to a 1 litre Sinchies reusable pouch, shake it around and place the pouch into your Hansells or Easi-Yo yoghurt maker and wait for the magic to happen. We make up 500ml of yoghurt at a time instead of the full 1 litre

Follow directions on the back of the yoghurt mix, but place the mix in a 1L Sinchies instead. Pop the Sinchies into the Easi-Yo or Hansells thermos and wait for the magic to happen.

Using the 1L pouch to set your yoghurt in makes filling the  80ml, 140ml and 200ml Sinchies reusable food pouches a breeze!

How To Make Yoghurt At Home Using Sinchies

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