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Fun Ideas for your Sinchies

By October 23, 2013 December 16th, 2015 Blog, Headlines, Sinchies Fun, Sinchies Lists of Ideas, Sinchies Tips

Here is another FUN way to use your Sinchies reusable food pouches from Paging Fun Mums

Foam Painting with your Re-usable Food Pouches

DIY Foam Glitter Paint

We used our Foam Paint Recipe but added some Glitter to give it a sparkly finish 🙂 .

DIY foam glitter paint with reusable Sinchies food pouchesAll you need

Firstly label sinchies pouch with ‘PAINT’ clearly so it’s not mistakenly identified as a food product. Simply half fill your Sinchies with Shaving Foam, add some glitter, food colouring and then fill remaining space with the glue.

Mix well and then have your kids gently squeeze the paint onto their canvas and then allow to dry overnight.

DIY foam glitter paint with reusable Sinchies food pouches

These paintings have a great ‘foamy’ look about them and look great with the added glitter.

We love our Sinchies! So convenient to use on the go & they have many, many, MANY uses!

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