Friends book by Teena Raffa

This friends book by Teena Raffa – Mulligan and Illustrated by Veronica Rooke. Has quickly become a fast favourite for our night time reads. The striking illustrations featuring a fun menagerie of Australian animals brings delight for young children, and in our house, elicits a squeal of glee followed by a ‘snap snap’ for a crocodile ‘who doesn’t need to act tough, who he is, is enough’.

While the illustrations capture the imagination of the young ones, the beautiful message within is a fantastic and significant lesson to teach all children. The importance of having, and being, a good friend is something worth teaching from a young age, and to have this message so beautifully crafted into a rhyming book is a great way to instil the significance of great friendships into our children. That with true friends ‘they don’t need to pretend’.
It may also be a timely reminder for the older readers to take note, when parenting young kids can potentially be isolating, don’t put your friends off from visiting just because your ‘rooms all a clutter’, because a true friend ‘won’t cause a mutter’.

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