Banana Pudding RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis banana chia seed pudding is great, especially when craving something sweet and delicious. Shared with us by a lovely Sinchies fan - Polly
Cheesy Shape Crackers RecipeBy Sam SpunnerSave yourself some pennies and your belly from the numbers in store bought crackers! These are easy peasy to make and taste so good! They didn't even last a day in the Sinchies house.
Pizza Scrolls Recipe and Cheese & Bonox Scrolls RecipeBy Sam SpunnerOne of the easiest and quickest snacks! Great for lunch boxes, after school snacks or easy to make up if you've got guests coming over at short notice. Every time i've made these up they have been devoured!
Easy Pancakes – Recipe in a bagBy Sam SpunnerThis is a fantastic way to make a quick and easy breakfast! Place all the dry ingredients for the pancake mix into the 1 litre Sinchies reusable pouch and write down on the front of your Sinchies pouch what wet ingredients you will need to add. Store it in the pantry until you're ready to use it. Handy when camping! I recently went to Fraser Island and took one of these dry ingredient mixes along with the milk in a 200ml Sinchies. Out on a day trip we took this dry mix with the egg placed in it for safe keeping, the 200ml milk Sinchies, a little gas burner and a frying pan. I had some other Sinchies filled with jam and whipped cream so we didn't need to use a knife for spreading! Minimal mess and the kids loved them.
Christmas Cookies Recipe in a pouchBy Sam SpunnerChristmas Cookies in a pouch - are a cinch with Sinchies Trying to find gifts for everyone at Christmas time can be a hard task, so why not make it easy and give a gift of food that won't go off and can travel? I absolutely love making & giving these out. They're so easy and always well received! They're a great idea for budding little chef's & they usually can't wait to get into the kitchen and keeping bugging mum all afternoon with the "can we make them yet" question. Another neat idea is to add a cookie cutter to this as part of the gift. All you've got to do is weigh out the dry ingredients into a 500ml Sinchies and add a "what to do" tag to them. I always keep 1 litre Sinchies filled with the dry ingredients for cakes, pancakes and cookies in my pantry too - quick n'easy to make up when needed.
Yoghurt Muesli Clusters RecipeBy Sam SpunnerFinding healthy new things to add to lunchboxes can be a bit tricky! So we thought we'd share some of the things we make here at Sinchies HQ. These Yoghurt Muesli clusters are really yummo and very simple to make but do take a wee bit of time in the dehydrator or oven! All you need is muesli, yoghurt and a dehydrator or oven.
Toasted Crunchy Muesli Bar RecipeBy Sam SpunnerIf you haven't already guessed it, I absolutely love cooking and baking & trialling new things. What makes me happy is helping my friends and family with lunchbox snacks as i know being a mummy can get very busy! So at least once a fortnight I set out to bake some delcious lunch box goodies and snacks. I try to make things nut free as quite a few schools and kindy's around here are nut free.
Vegorama Muffins RecipeBy Sam SpunnerMy friends big kids thought these Vegorama Muffins were "so scrumptious". It's a great healthy lunchbox addition, packed with vege's & superfoods. Yummy served with cream cheese or fruit chutney!
Rainbow Pikelets Recipe Sinchies StyleBy Sam SpunnerThis is a great activitiy for the weekends or school holidays & will be sure to get the children involved in kitchen. At Sinchies HQ we have a 1 litre Sinchies reusable pouch in the pantry all ready to go with the dry pikelet mix huh? Homemade ready to go pikelet mix - preservative and additive free! We add to the 1 litre pouch the wet ingredients and give it a good shake around, squishing any lumps with my fingers. When it's nice and smooth, divide this up into some 200ml Sinchies reusable pouches and let the children add some pureed fruit or food coloring to the pouches & give it a shake (as they each have their own pouch, everyone's happy). With the help and or supervision of an adult we cooked these colorful beauties - It was so much fun needless to say the kids gobbled them down in seconds. Recipe courtesy of Trendy lil treats
Rice Bubble BarBy Sam SpunnerThis is a healthier version to the LCM rice bubble bars you can buy. The Sinchies team at HQ test tasted this and lets just say I have a few crumbs's addictive!
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