Smoothies & Yoghurt

Healthy Banana MilkshakeBy Sam SpunnerThis Banana milkshake recipe has been given to us by the lovely Shell from  "The Clean Lunchbox"
Berry Shake RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis berry shake recipe is dairy-free and is super easy to whizz up! With no added sugar the kids absolutely love it (and parents too).
Yoghurt DropsBy Sam SpunnerThose little yoghurt drops you can buy from the supermarket that the kiddies love, well here's a recipe that actually works & is pretty close to the real thing. These home-made yoghurt drops come out nice and crunchy.
Yoghurt Muesli Clusters RecipeBy Sam SpunnerFinding healthy new things to add to lunchboxes can be a bit tricky! So we thought we'd share some of the things we make here at Sinchies HQ. These Yoghurt Muesli clusters are really yummo and very simple to make but do take a wee bit of time in the dehydrator or oven! All you need is muesli, yoghurt and a dehydrator or oven.
Magic Milky Mango RecipeBy Sam SpunnerIf you've ever got fruit going off quicker than you can eat it, just freeze it - It makes for the most delicious easy smoothies! I quite often freeze cubes of milk and yoghurt too!
Strawbalicious Shake RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis strawbalicious shake recipe was sent in by a Sinchies fan Jackie who is an avid juicer & often shares her juicing recipes with us too. This is so simple but yet so deliscious and it's absolutely perfect with strawberries which are still in season. If you've got bananas that are about to go black and squishy, quickly put them in the freezer and add a frozen banana to this for a nice icey drink.
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