Pops and Ice Blocks

Sweet Pumpkin Pops RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThere's nothing better than a cold icy pole on a super hot day. The trouble is most store bought icy poles contain loads of refined sugar, preservatives, flavours, colourings and other hidden nasties! You can make your own easily and simply and even sneak some vegetables into home made icy poles.
Choc Coconut Pops or Icy Poles RecipeBy Sam SpunnerToo easy chocolate coconut pops, which are dairy free and if you use rapadura or coconut sugar they can be refined sugar free too! No need to worry about the numbers and colours in store bought icy poles when you make your own!
Mudslide Pops (Icy Poles)By Sam Spunner* For adults only Who says adults can't have icy poles? Freeze your favourite cocktail into our Pops or icy poles pouches and enjoy them as a tasty little night cap!
Make Your Own Smooze Type Ice Block RecipeBy Sam SpunnerYou can save with our NEW Sinchies Pops (aka ice-block pouches) and make your own smooze type ice-blocks in a few easy steps! This recipe was shared with us by one of our Sinchies stockists Ekimo Kids.