Lunchbox Ideas

Berry Shake RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis berry shake recipe is dairy-free and is super easy to whizz up! With no added sugar the kids absolutely love it (and parents too).
Strawberry Bombs – Nut Free Bliss Balls RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThese Strawberry Bombs have to be one of my favourite nut free bliss balls. They're super easy to make and are so delicious. I take them with me in a Sinchies snack bag, they're a great afternoon pick me up or snack idea. Kids also love them in their lunchboxes
Honey Rice Puff Bars RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThese Honey Rice Puff bars have been a hit with the children that have come to visit Sinchies HQ. No need to buy the packaged rice bubble bars, these are simple to make and can be frozen! Double the mixture, cut it up into squares and then store them in your Sinchies snack bags in the freezer. They're ready for the school week ahead!
Yoghurt DropsBy Sam SpunnerThose little yoghurt drops you can buy from the supermarket that the kiddies love, well here's a recipe that actually works & is pretty close to the real thing. These home-made yoghurt drops come out nice and crunchy.
Mac n Cheese Cup RecipeBy Sam SpunnerEasy home made macaroni cheese! Made into cups which are a great addition to lunch boxes or as a little snack.
Banana Pudding RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis banana chia seed pudding is great, especially when craving something sweet and delicious. Shared with us by a lovely Sinchies fan - Polly
Cheesy Shape Crackers RecipeBy Sam SpunnerSave yourself some pennies and your belly from the numbers in store bought crackers! These are easy peasy to make and taste so good! They didn't even last a day in the Sinchies house.
Pizza Scrolls Recipe and Cheese & Bonox Scrolls RecipeBy Sam SpunnerOne of the easiest and quickest snacks! Great for lunch boxes, after school snacks or easy to make up if you've got guests coming over at short notice. Every time i've made these up they have been devoured!
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