Lunchbox Ideas

Zucchini and Banana Muffins RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThese Zucchini and Banana Muffins are so delicious and are moist. Perfect for lunch boxes or an afternoon tea snack! Hidden vegetables at it's best - the kids have no idea that there is zucchini in them. There's no sugar either, only honey which is a healthier option
Chocolate Bliss BallsBy Sam SpunnerChocolate bliss balls using dates, cacao, nuts and some orange juice! Snack time couldn't get any healthier and easier with Sinchies reusable pouches
Crunchy Muesli Bar Slice RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis crunchy muesli bar slice is packed full of goodness and is of course much healthier than store bought versions. The seeds add a nice serve of fats and vitamins which are essential for good brain function. As these do contain some sugar it would be wise to limit these to snack time. I cut up portions and have popped one slice into each of our Sinchies snack bags and have put them in the freezer, ready to go when I need them. So they're still as convenient as the store bought ones. They are egg free and if you use a diary free version of butter they'd be suitable for dairy free people too.
Caramel Pudding RecipeBy Sam SpunnerBoth Chia Seeds and Dates are packed with essential, nutrients vitamins and minerals and help with energy as well as keep you fit and healthy. I put my thinking cap on and decided i'd make a Chia Pudding and then it hit me......Dates add a caramel flavour to things so why not try this! I'm so glad I did because it's absolutely delish!
Soft Fruity Muesli BarsBy Sam SpunnerYou know what's yummy? This soft fruit muesli bar is. Kid approved - you must try it. The perfect afternoon tea snack or lunch box addition.
Sensational Sausage RollsBy Sam SpunnerThese sausage rolls are simply sensational and have hidden vegetable in them and you wouldn't even know. So delicious and super moist, everyone always complements me on how good they are. I hope you like them as much as we do!
Sunshine JellyBy Sam SpunnerMake your own jelly at home with three simple ingredients and set it in your reusable pouches ready for lunchboxes, afternoon snacks or when out and about
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