Vegetable and Butterbean Quinoa RecipeBy Sam SpunnerI had to share this when i found it - it sounds delicious and nutritious and it's a 2 in 1, puree and a spread - which ticks boxes for me.
Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken Marinade RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis sweet and sour chicken has been a family all time favourite when i was growing up. It's quick and easy and tastes absolutely delicious. I remember all too well as a child, licking my fingers and bowl clean.
Savoury Mince RecipeBy Sam SpunnerRecipe from My Smoko Break - My kids favourite is savoury mince particularly Master A! This is a great 2 in one for toddlers and babies. Suitable for freezing & grabbing a meal out when you're on the run and need to just grab something. Fill up your Sinchies reusable pouches and stash them in the freezer.
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