Dessert Recipe Ideas

egg free dairy free chocolate cupcakes

Egg Free Chocolate Cupcakes

These have got to be the best no fail egg free chocolate cupcakes i have ever made. They can be dairy free as well as egg free if you like - just swap the milk

  By Sinchies

caramel jelly

Caramel Jelly

Oh my goodness me, how could i have not thought of making jelly with milk? This caramel jelly is absolutely to die for. It's not exactly the healthiest but it is the yummiest.

  By Sinchies

egg free sugar free marshmallows

Egg free Sugar Free Marshmallow Recipe

Egg free, refined sugar free light and fluffy delicious marshmallows that are so quick and easy to make and have 4 ingredients. No numbers, colours or other additives - these are a hit with the kids! Water, honey, vanilla bean and gelatin - that's it!

  By Sinchies

Creamy Fruity Dessert Pasta

Creamy fruity dessert pasta

Pasta as a dessert? Hell yes! This stuff is amazeballs, is filling - has two fruits and yoghurt and is loved by my little one.

  By Sinchies

Healthy Avocado chocolate mousse

Healthy Avocado Chocolate Mousse Recipe

If you love chocolate but your hips don't, then this healthy avocado chocolate mousse recipe is for you! It's still a little naughty as it contains real chocolate & a little cream, but it's 75% cocoa which is healthier isn't it? It's easy to whip up and no one would know it has avo's in it! Easy to eat on the run in our Sinchies 140ml pouches and easy to store in our Sinchies 500ml or 1 Litre pouches

  By Sinchies


Caramel Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Both Chia Seeds and Dates are packed with essential, nutrients vitamins and minerals and help with energy as well as keep you fit and healthy. I put my thinking cap on and decided i'd make a Chia Pudding and then it hit me......Dates add a caramel flavour to things so why not try this! I'm so glad I did because it's absolutely delish!

  By Sinchies

fruit juice jelly recipe

Sunshine Jelly

Make your own jelly at home with three simple ingredients and set it in your reusable pouches ready for lunchboxes, afternoon snacks or when out and about

  By Sinchies

chocolate body paint recipe

Chocolate Body Paint Recipe

Spice it up and have a little special time with your loved one with this delicious DIY homemade chocolate body paint! Pour it in a Sinchies reusable pouch for easy squeezing & storing. This is absolutely delicious on ice-cream too!

  By Sinchies