Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Easy Pancakes – Recipe in a bagBy Sam SpunnerThis is a fantastic way to make a quick and easy breakfast! Place all the dry ingredients for the pancake mix into the 1 litre Sinchies reusable pouch and write down on the front of your Sinchies pouch what wet ingredients you will need to add. Store it in the pantry until you're ready to use it. Handy when camping! I recently went to Fraser Island and took one of these dry ingredient mixes along with the milk in a 200ml Sinchies. Out on a day trip we took this dry mix with the egg placed in it for safe keeping, the 200ml milk Sinchies, a little gas burner and a frying pan. I had some other Sinchies filled with jam and whipped cream so we didn't need to use a knife for spreading! Minimal mess and the kids loved them.
Overnight Oats RecipeBy Sam SpunnerCreamy delicious oats served with your favourite fruit! Especially wonderful if you're on the minutes and don't have time to make brekkie in the morning or you know you're in for a busy time. Make this the night before and leave it to do it's thing! Overnight oats is made using oatmeal and by soaking them overnight in liquid - this makes them softer & fluffier.
Magic Milky Mango RecipeBy Sam SpunnerIf you've ever got fruit going off quicker than you can eat it, just freeze it - It makes for the most delicious easy smoothies! I quite often freeze cubes of milk and yoghurt too!
Healthy Strawberry Up and Go RecipeBy Sam SpunnerHere's our healthy version of a Strawberry Up and Go - Give your little ones a healthy start to the day and you too of course! Perfect when you're on the go or on the run .....
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