Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Caramel Pudding RecipeBy Sam SpunnerBoth Chia Seeds and Dates are packed with essential, nutrients vitamins and minerals and help with energy as well as keep you fit and healthy. I put my thinking cap on and decided i'd make a Chia Pudding and then it hit me......Dates add a caramel flavour to things so why not try this! I'm so glad I did because it's absolutely delish!
Berry Shake RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis berry shake recipe is dairy-free and is super easy to whizz up! With no added sugar the kids absolutely love it (and parents too).
Banana Pudding RecipeBy Sam SpunnerThis banana chia seed pudding is great, especially when craving something sweet and delicious. Shared with us by a lovely Sinchies fan - Polly
Weetbix to go RecipeBy Sam SpunnerIf you find yourself rushing around in the morning, you've got to do the school run and your little ones haven't had breakie yet - don't worry Sinchies to the rescue and you can feed on the run! Here's an easy homemade up and go type recipe for your reusable food pouches, sent in by Sinchies fan Chenoa
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