Six tips to avoid single-use plastics this July – and beyond

Shift your shopping

Six tips to avoid single-use plastics this July – and beyond Plastic Free July® is a great reminder that all of us can be part of the solution to plastic pollution by refusing to use single-use plastics – but it doesn’t need to stop at the end of July! Minimising plastic waste was one of […]

How to build a healthy smoothie

How to build the perfect smoothie

Gosh I really love a good, healthy smoothie and so do my kids. They’re filling, nutritious and quick and easy to make so I thought I’d share with you my tips on how to build a healthy and tasty smoothie that your kids will love. a few tips before we get started… It’s really beneficial […]

How to Save $100s by making one Simple Swap to Sinchies

It’s not a myth, it’s true and can be done very easily! By spending a few minutes a week filling your own reusable yoghurt, custard, fruit or baby food pouches you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year. A small outlay can lead you down the right path to more free cash for […]

Easter Ideas for Kids that Don’t Involve chocolate

Easter Ideas for Kids that Don’t Involve Chocolate It’s a quandary faced by every health-conscious parent… how do we limit the crazy amount of sugar we feed our kids, without losing the fun and magic of Easter? Have no fear, we’re here to help with EIGHT wonderful ideas to delight every child and save Mum […]

Great Activities while inside for Kids and Adults

I’m getting so creative now that I’m inside with my family – spending some quality time together and slowing down a tad. I appreciate my kids more, I am fully emerged in their play, wanting to teach them & school them well, show them how to be a kind human and build those ever lasting […]

Free Camping Checklist by Sinchies

I’ve put together a free, two-page checklist which will help you when planning a camping trip. There’s always so much to remember and I know for me, with little kids disturbing my thought process this helps me to remember everything so I can really relax and enjoy my time off-grid! I’ve broken the list into […]

Ready to feed your baby fresh homemade food?

fresh homemade baby food

Ready to feed your baby fresh homemade food? Did you know that most of the baby food found on the supermarket shelves is older than your baby? Gross right!! Not only is it older than your baby it holds little to no nutrition, is processed heavily and can potentially last years. This shouldn’t be the […]

5 Tips To Get a Fussy Baby To Eat

5 tips to get a fussy baby to eat

Having a baby who is a fussy eater is something that many parents struggle with. It can make mealtimes feel like a battle that always ends in tears, whether they’re your baby’s or your own. Many babies go through it, and it can feel like nothing you do is making any difference whatsoever. So here […]

10 Kitchen Hacks – Ways to Prep and Store Your Produce

Sinchies reusable pouch less mess silicone lids

10 Kitchen Hacks and ways to prep and store your produce to get the most of them! I’m one of those people that like to use as much of the produce that I have – and with rising prices I thought I’d share a few things that I do. When I buy a pineapple I […]

What food to stockpile?

Ohh I love putting extra goods aside – and often get asked what food should I stockpile? I’m kind of like a squirrel hiding nuts!  Just like squirrels it’s mainly food to make my days, weeks, months and years easier being a FIFO wife. Some benefits I have found from stockpiling food are :   […]